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Wonky House Mouse Tales

Anton and the King of Crumbly Castle

Under The Same Stars

Who's Lyn?

Lyn firmly believes in making the world a better place and likes to incorporate both positivity and fun into her writing. Realising that life isn’t always perfect and that we all need a dose of kindness and compassion from time to time, Lyn conveys a warm- hearted approach to life’s upheavals, both with fiction and poetry. Lyn has also written about the topic of anxiety in her recent self-help book.

It may seem unusual to follow a serious topic such as anxiety with a childrens’ book, but Lyn loves to look at life through the eyes of a child. There the colours are brighter, there is a belief in magic and a time to seize the moment without worrying about tomorrow.

Step into Lyn’s world for a while - you never know what you may find there!

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