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Lyn Halvorsen was a nurse and counsellor for many years and is grateful that she had a career that taught her so much about life and gave her many experiences to draw from. She does not profess to be an expert in anything, but she is someone who thinks about life, love and what makes us tick. Since giving up her nursing career Lyn has concentrated on writing and blogging about subjects close to her heart. A firm believer in all things inspirational, Lyn is keen to write about topics that make a positive difference, both on an individual basis and also to the world.

In 2014 Lyn published her first novel, ‘Tea at Raphael’s’..a book about a very special cafe, where nothing is as it seems, and acts of kindness and love prevail. Tea at Raphael’s is available on Amazon UK.

Lyn also is passionate about poetry and has published a poetry book entitled ‘Under the Same Stars’. Here you will find a unique collection of poems, anecdotes and illustrations. She writes about the subjects close to her heart; people have occasionally shed a tear when reading some of her poetry, but she likes the funny side of life too and there is even a poem about a quest to find the perfect handbag! There is a poem about a guardian angel too – Lyn suggests we all may need one from time to time! Under the Same Stars is available from www.blurb.com

In an era when we are bombarded by all sorts of unsettling news, and our senses are often over stimulated by constant media presence, it is good to take timeout sometimes and think about the things in life that really matter and are important to us. Getting through life can be hard for us all at times, whether we are rich or poor, surrounded by many people we love and who love us, or whether we are alone. All of us need someone from time to time. Lyn has spent time writing articles about anxiety for her blog www.notesfromdovelane.com and also writes regularly for the online magazine Health Triangle. When she received positive feedback from her posts, she realised that the need for support at anxious times is important to many and so she compiled her handbook ‘Best Foot Forward – Moving on From Anxiety’ which will be available soon on Amazon.

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